What Makes TerpHouse CBD unique?

We add in natural terpenes for absorption and brain receptor activation.  Terpenes are the natural oils found inside botanical plants that give them their taste and smell.  They are an essential part of getting the full benefit of CBD.

If you are looking for a full spectrum alternative, TerpHouse also provides an extensive catalog of THC vape pens.  Since our oils do not contain THC, you can obtain your full spectrum experience by combining our TerpHouse Flavored oral tincture and our Strain Specific Terpene Infused Cannabis Oil Vape Pens.

Great Customer service isn’t something you often find in today’s corporate world, however, TerpHouse has focused on superior customer service, filling orders and inquiries within a 24 hour time frame while providing answers to questions regarding our products with the same care one might expect from a physician. We take both our medicine, and the needs and wants of our customers, very seriously.


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